Welcome to the configuration of Icinga Web 2!

This wizard will guide you through the configuration of Icinga Web 2. Once completed and successfully finished you are able to log in and to explore all the new and stunning features!

For security reasons we need to ensure that you are permitted to run this wizard. Please provide a token by following the instructions below.

Generating a New Setup Token

To run this wizard a user needs to authenticate using a token which is usually provided to him by an administrator who'd followed the instructions below.

In any case, make sure that all of the following applies to your environment:

  • A system group called "icingaweb2" exists
  • The user "www-data" is a member of the system group "icingaweb2"
addgroup --system icingaweb2; usermod -a -G icingaweb2 www-data;

If you've got the IcingaCLI installed you can do the following:

icingacli setup config directory --group icingaweb2; icingacli setup token create;

In case the IcingaCLI is missing you can create the token manually:

su www-data -s /bin/sh -c "mkdir -m 2770 /etc/icingaweb2; chgrp icingaweb2 /etc/icingaweb2; head -c 12 /dev/urandom | base64 | tee /etc/icingaweb2/setup.token; chmod 0660 /etc/icingaweb2/setup.token;";

Please see the Icinga Web 2 documentation for an extensive description on how to access and use this wizard.